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Cleo is reinventing how forward-thinking employers support families, control costs and attrition and build inclusive cultures. Serving working families in 55 countries and over 100 enterprise clients, Cleo is the leading family benefits platform supporting families from the planning stage through the teenage years.

The last twelve months have seen massive acceleration in a trend of companies of all sizes seeking ways to better support employees in a holistic manner. Employers see that when they proactively address their employee’s needs for support around mental health, pregnancy, and early childhood, they’re able to reduce healthcare spend while also improving retention rates, ultimately saving millions of dollars for large employers.

From fertility to parenthood and beyond, Cleo families are happier, healthier, and more engaged as they balance their roles at home and work, supported by proactive, expert guidance for every stage. Cleo is a strategic partner to top employers that actively seek to transform company culture surrounding employee retention, diversity and inclusion, and population health.

Cleo is dedicated to shifting the outcomes and approach to how we take care of the health & wellbeing of families across the globe. Transformation's deep experience working with category-shifting companies shaping the future of healthcare makes them an ideal partner for us as we usher in this new era.

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