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More than 20% of the US population does not speak English at home and underserved communities are disproportionately comprised of limited-English speakers. Language discordance is a leading cause of healthcare inequity and miscommunication between caregivers and patients contributes to 55% of malpractice cases. If a caregiver cannot understand a patient’s symptoms, they are exponentially more likely to misdiagnose and, correspondingly, mistreat them. 

Jeenie is an industry-transforming virtual interpreting platform that virtually connects caregivers and patients to a live, HUMAN interpreter for on-demand or scheduled language assistance in over 300 languages within 30 seconds…over video or audio…24/7. The first true gig-economy marketplace in the industry, Jeenie’s vision is to make live language and culture assistance available for enterprise and individual users at the tap of a button from any device-- phones, tablets or computers – on any operating system…wherever… whenever. Our more than 11,000 vetted and qualified interpreters support effective and accurate communication between caregivers and their limited-English proficient and Deaf patients to reduce poor health outcomes resulting from language discordance. Our ability to provide mobile, video remote AND over-the-phone interpreting at the point of care and in the moment of need positions Jeenie to seamlessly serve the needs of the largest healthcare systems as well as the most disenfranchised members of society; Jeenie leaves no one behind.

Jeenie’s modern interpreting platform eliminates language barriers between patients and healthcare providers to reduce poor health outcomes, improve system-wide operational efficiency, and ensure equitable access to care for the most underserved and vulnerable patients. We are thrilled to have Transformation Capital’s extensive industry expertise, guidance, and support behind our mission to help Jeenie lead the market in virtual interpreting for healthcare in the U.S. and beyond.

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