Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Manav Sevak

Memora Health

Memora helps healthcare organizations manage complex care journeys that often extend care beyond the four walls of the clinic and into settings like the home, where patients spend most of their time. The company’s platform integrates seamlessly into EHRs, CRMs, and existing clinical and administrative workflows. By training artificial intelligence technology on the massive clinical data that is generated in the course of routine care, Memora is able to supercharge care teams with proactive, anticipatory care workflows, as well as smart triage to appropriate care team members. The end result is that clinicians are able to initiate care pathways in a repeatable fashion which interact with the patients for their follow-up and self-reported outcomes.

Memora helps care teams create consistent and connected experiences for patients through even the most complex care journeys by partnering with health systems, health plans, life science companies and employers. Memora’s vision is to make care more actionable, accessible and always-on while both simultaneously keeping both the clinician and patient informed about progress and needed action.

Most healthcare interactions are cumbersome for patients and clinicians because existing systems were not built to deliver care continuously and efficiently. There is a critical need for technology to revolutionize how we deliver care, and Transformation Capital, with its deep digital health experience and network, is an ideal partner to help us lead this change across the healthcare ecosystem. We're building technology that meets patients where they are in their health journey and empowers clinicians to spend less time on screens and more time being the super humans they were trained to be.

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