Matthew Wetschler, CEO and Jerrica Kirkley, CMO

Plume, Inc.

Plume is the market leader in providing comprehensive care to the transgender community. The existing healthcare experience for this community is broken due to a severe shortage of gender-affirming clinicians that limits access to care. Plume is addressing these healthcare inequities by providing community members with one-on-one, trauma-informed care that includes hormonal therapy, counseling, and telehealth.

At a time when transgender Americans are facing increasing threats to healthcare access, Plume is working to ensure that every trans life has access to safe, high-quality, and gender-affirming healthcare. As a trans-founded Company, we know the barriers to care that this community faces and the opportunities that exist to improve health outcomes for this vastly underserved market. We partnered with Transformation Capital because of their compassion for underserved communities, team-based partnership approach, and deep healthcare network that will help support Plume in fulfilling its mission to transform care for every trans life.

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