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SWORD Health

SWORD Health is the world’s fastest growing virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care provider, on a mission to free two billion people from chronic and post-surgical pain. It is the first virtual solution to pair its members with a licensed physical therapist and the SWORD Health Digital Therapist, an FDA-listed device with a tablet and motion sensors, to deliver a clinically proven, personalized treatment plan that is more effective, easier and less expensive than the traditional gold standard of care.

SWORD Health believes in the power of people to recover at home, without resorting to imaging, surgeries or opioids. Since launching in 2015, SWORD Health has worked with insurers, health systems and employers in the U.S., Europe and Australia to make quality physical therapy more accessible to everyone.

Our mission at SWORD Health is to tackle the biggest and most overlooked issue in healthcare today: musculoskeletal pain. We chose to work with Transformation Capital because their vast experience with the healthcare industry will be key in realizing our goals. Together, we will be able to help millions of people around the world recover from debilitating pain and get their lives back.

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