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With increasing demand for IVF, there’s been an exponential growth in the number of frozen eggs and embryos stored in fertility clinics. The number of fertility cells under clinic management has gone from around 1 million to hundreds of millions in just a decade. We’ve reached an inflection point: The existing infrastructure for egg and embryo storage originates from livestock breeding; it’s simply incapable of safely managing the influx of the millions of humans seeking IVF. Innovative technology is needed to take us away from “good enough” Band-Aid solutions and elevate the standard of care for irreplaceable eggs and embryos.

TMRW has done just that: We’ve brought 21st century technology to IVF and built the world’s first and only automated solution for how frozen eggs and embryos are stored, tracked, and monitored. Through the use of RFID technology, 24/7 remote monitoring, and fully integrated robotic hardware and software, our platform helps clinics safely scale to meet the growing demand for family planning and IVF. With TMRW’s platform, both physicians and patients can have peace of mind regarding the safety of eggs and embryos as they navigate the fertility journey. We built TMRW to usher in a new standard of care for eggs and embryos and ultimately help millions of people start and grow their families.

Since joining TMRW as a founding board member, and more recently in my role as CEO, I have been consistently inspired by the passion and drive of our team to bring innovation and technology to bear in raising the standard of care for the millions of frozen eggs and embryos at the heart of IVF. Together with our industry-leading clinic partners and Transformation Capital who have joined us in this shared mission, we are transforming the IVF lab for the 21st century so clinics can safely scale to meet the ever-increasing demand for IVF, and ultimately help millions of people in their journey to build families.

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