Co-founder and CEO

Dan Brillman

Unite Us

Unite Us provides a platform to coordinate services that address the social determinants of health (SDoH) among vulnerable populations, including housing, nutrition, transportation, and other non-clinical services.

The combined efforts of healthcare, government, and social services providers all contribute to a person’s health, but are often disconnected. With Unite Us, these organizations can send and receive secure electronic referrals and track every person’s care journey.

The Unite Us business has clear network effects – the value of the business grows exponentially as more and more healthcare, government, and social services stakeholders use the company’s platform in order to collaborate and measure impact at scale. The coordination enabled by Unite Us drives significant improvement in in outcomes for both individuals and populations, especially those in underserved communities.

Transformation Capital is a great partner who shares our vision and mission to connect health and social care. Together we will work toward transforming the healthcare system, elevating social care and improving health for all people.

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