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Aaron Patzer

Vital Software

After founding and its acquisition by Intuit, Aaron was intrigued to bring super user-friendly software to the patient-clinician experience. Vital is the layer of elegant, modern UI & AI on top of any existing hospital EHR. Starting with the emergency department, Vital's product suite improves patient experience, reduces clinical burden, and increases post-emergency follow-up visits. Our "ER Advisor" product guides patients with AI-powered wait times, next-steps and sharing status with family members. It is now used by hundreds of thousands of patients at nearly 70 hospitals across 13 health systems, including CommonSpirit, Tenet, Emory, Ascension and Adventist. Two other products, built on the same underlying data platform, further increase hospital ROI to $1-2m per ED.

Vital has created the largest partner network of hospital data feeds, covering 60% of US hospitals with a no-IT-work-needed deployment. This allows ultra-fast deployment and quick pilots. Vital was founded by Aaron Patzer (Founder of, VP of Product at Intuit), and Dr. Justin Schrager, MD MPH (Emergency Physician and Assoc. Professor at Emory School of Medicine).

Weโ€™re tired of antiquated, Windows-98 style software running hospitals. Itโ€™s a drag on clinicians, and itโ€™s bad for patients. Vital builds elegantly modern AI-powered software that improves patient satisfaction, emergency room and inpatient flow, and adherence to follow-up care plans.

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