As a first-generation Indian immigrant, Akanksha was astonished by the many parallels across the Indian and US healthcare systems, specifically those related to access constraints and poor patient outcomes. In a highly consumer-centric economy like the US, she was taken aback by the overwhelming complexity and costliness associated with the consumer healthcare experience. This has fueled her desire to tackle access and quality of care challenges through partnering with innovative and mission-driven entrepreneurs. She believes that patient-facing technology, infrastructure and care delivery business model innovation are the most effective conduits of affecting structural change in the industry.

Wellesley College, BA in Economics and Philosophy

Fisher Lynch Capital; Deutsche Bank

Boston, MA

Akanksha has been planning to run a marathon for the past decade (maybe this is the year!). While not training for a hypothetical marathon, Akanksha is an outdoor enthusiast (only during the Boston summers…) who loves running, biking, tennis, pickleball and golf. As a vegetarian foodie (and aspiring Yelp elite), she likes to spend weekends exploring new restaurants and experimenting with healthy vegetarian recipes.

Partner Company Experience

Parachute Health
Amino Health