Healthcare is hard for all of us

Despite the best intentions of so many, healthcare is hard. Hard to find great care. Hard to deliver great care to everyone. Hard to develop new therapeutics and new models of care. Hard to understand how all the different pieces – my doctor, my pharmacist, my hospital, my insurer – fit together. Anyone who experiences the system, whether personally or through family or friends, can instantly see the need for improvement. Healthcare has big problems, but they are problems worth solving and they are solvable with new approaches.
While its problems are fixable, transformation is a heavy lift for any industry, let alone for one at this scale with a record of frustrating attempts at wholesale reform. Healthcare’s heavily regulated environment, its confounding reimbursement system, and its systemic fragmentation make even the most logical improvements beyond challenging.
The pandemic was a seminal moment in a long journey that flipped digitally-enabled health from an opportunity to a necessity. The healthcare workforce is in crisis. Consumers want their care their way. The largest and most established healthcare organizations are having to rethink their business models. We are in the early innings, but a new healthcare system is on the horizon.

Innovation is the answer.

Entrepreneurs have made the world better for a lot of people across many parts of our lives.
We are helping entrepreneurs build a new digital healthcare age…one with simpler, more affordable care that’s easier for caregivers and consumers alike. Our strategy is to find founders and management teams who understand the current system and see a better way, giving them not just the capital they need, but proven experience they can benefit from, AND a network of healthcare leaders who can use their innovations to help transform the industry and provide feedback for continuous improvement. Our founders help healthcare entities do more with increasingly less – through new business models, enabling technology and more efficient services. We can’t fix all the problems today, but we can, over time, make a constructive dent…for all of us.

Healthcare is all we do.

We think and live in healthcare. We’ve been around the block and know the ecosystem in depth. We’ve been in the shoes of the entrepreneur, the clinician, and the large healthcare organization, and we are passionate about helping them all work together to transform healthcare.

Real experience makes a difference.

Access to capital is the easy part. For growth companies seeking to scale transformational solutions, the challenges of navigating the chaos of the healthcare system can be the hardest part.

Knowing who’s who in healthcare matters.

We help our partner companies connect to the right people at the right time for the right solution to drive forward progress.

Knowing how healthcare works matters.

We are not just a financial investor. We partner with teams to help maneuver through healthcare's unfathomable complexities and guide sensible growth. We are our partner companies' biggest champions to give them the best shot at making a difference for everyone.
We are excited about healthcare’s future and the entrepreneurs who will shape it. We are honored to work with some of the best and thank them for their passion and their mission to help make healthcare better.
Healthcare shapes us all.Together, we'll shape healthcare.

Our Partners Shaping Healthcare