For Tanya, TCAP isn’t just a job—it’s personal. She wants her young daughter to grow up in a world with better, more equitable healthcare for all, and she is excited to be a part of the solution. As a Women’s History major, Tanya is dedicated to diversifying the historically male-led healthcare industry by advocating for more women, people of color and individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds to be involved in decision-making. She extends her efforts to drive diversity by supporting Planned Parenthood and advocating for women’s rights over their own bodies.

University of Irvine, BA in Literary Journalism; California State University Long Beach, MA in Women’s History

TSG Consumer Partners; Power Presentations

Southern California

Tanya is an avid traveler and total foodie who loves visiting Michelin-rated restaurants, wineries and beaches all over the world. She is a live music enthusiast whose favorite concerts to-date are The Eagles, Justin Timberlake and Harry Styles.

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