Drug pricing in the US is broken and pharmacy benefits are complex to administer and lack pricing transparency. Capital Rx realized that it couldn't be fixed without breaking the status quo.

Capital Rx is a modern Pharmacy Benefit Manager with a transparent revenue model and JUDI, its market-leading cloud-based enterprise pharmacy benefit management technology platform.


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AJ Loiacono
CEO & Co-Founder
CEO & Co-Founder
AJ Loiacono

Prescription drug costs continue to soar for employers and health plans, leaving plan sponsors increasingly frustrated with the operational inefficiencies and opaque pricing and fees that undoubtedly adversely impact patients. We saw the need to build the electronic infrastructure necessary to streamline and consolidate all pharmacy benefit workflows on one platform to process claims and administer pharmacy benefit programs with unparalleled efficiency and customization across commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid plans. A true partnership with a firm like Transformational Capital that possesses deep healthcare knowledge and expertise and shares our vision of a future with efficient, connected systems enabling improved patient experience and driving better outcomes at the lowest possible cost is crucial to transforming this industry. AJ Loiacono, CEO

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